At Dealer360, we understand the challenges dealerships face in navigating the complexities of warranty labor rates and part increase submissions to manufacturers. That's why we developed Warranty Rate Optimization (WRO), a sophisticated application designed to simplify and enhance this process, empowering dealerships to achieve maximal returns while saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Why Warranty Rate Optimization?

The automotive industry is highly competitive, and dealerships often struggle with manual, time-consuming, and error-prone processes when seeking warranty labor rates and part increases from manufacturers. WRO offers a solution by automating the analysis and submission process, ensuring compliance with OEM guidelines, and maximizing success rates for rate increase approvals.

Key Features of WRO

With Warranty Rate Optimization (WRO), Dealer360 is committed to helping dealerships achieve maximal returns by simplifying and enhancing the warranty labor rate and part markup increase submission process. Experience the difference WRO can make for your dealership today.

Automated Analysis.

Utilize advanced algorithms to optimize Effective Labor Rate (ELR) and Effective Parts Markup for maximum manufacturer-approved increases.

Intelligent Analysis.

Leverage Op Code logic and machine learning-derived Natural Language Processing dictionary to generate RO disqualifications, ensuring compliance with OEM guidelines.


Generate professional and detailed submissions with minimal manual effort, saving time and resources.

Data Analysis.

Gain data-driven insights to support rate increase justifications, enhancing the likelihood of approval.

Collaboration Tools.

Facilitate communication between dealership staff involved in the submission process, promoting efficiency and collaboration.

Regulatory Compliance.

Stay informed about industry regulations to ensure submissions meet all requirements and minimize the risk of rejection.

Excellence is our benchmark.

We set our standards exceptionally high and are continually enhancing Analytics to raise the bar. On average, we implement two updates or additions to our auto dealer analytics application every month. With our dedicated team, we can seamlessly integrate dealer feedback, and tailoring reports to be genuinely valuable for you and your teams.

Partner with us.

We've constructed a robust process founded on transparency and teamwork. Join forces with us to tackle your most significant challenges collaboratively as a unified team.


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