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From the very start, we've witnessed the imperative need to resolve substantial challenges through cutting-edge auto dealership software solutions. Our mission has always been to transform hours and days of laborious manual work into instant, comprehensive insights and complete process solutions. Dealer360 was born out of a genuine desire to address real-world problems faced by dealerships, alleviating frustrations from day one. We were founded, in 2008, by a group of automotive industry veterans and software developers who recognized the need to improve access to dealership data. Our experience and integration with auto dealerships give us a unique approach, allowing us to develop software solutions that truly impact auto dealership performance. Rest assured, our journey is far from over.

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    Ashley Barrett

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ashley brings over 15 years of leadership experience as a dynamic, collaborative, culture-driven executive, known for achieving superior business results by harnessing the potential of people, processes, and organizations. She is committed to the customer experience, understanding that it alone can hold the power when differentiating a brand.

    “At Dealer360, we are committed to providing auto dealership software solutions that propel your business forward, emphasizing the need to save time, save money, and drive results. We use the basis of science to analyze raw data, extracting meaningful insights to help guide organizational decisions. We consistently strive to answer the hard questions, providing resolutions that excite and inspire our customers through innovative technology.”

    Mohamed Salama

    Director of Operations

    Driven by a passion for excellence and customer satisfaction, Moe serves as the Director of Operations at Dealer360, where he leads with a hands-on approach and a commitment to delivering results. With a keen understanding of customer needs, he ensures that our products and services not only meet but exceed expectations, fostering lasting relationships.

    "At the heart of my drive is team leadership — kindling success by fostering the growth of each team member. Watching their achievements and development, I firmly believe a leader's legacy is forged through the accomplishments of those they uplift."

    Gorimir Zhelnin

    Chief Product Officer

    Gorimir is a seasoned technology leader with a passion for creating innovative software solutions that drive business growth. As the Chief Product Officer at Dealer360, Gorimir brings a wealth of expertise in product strategy, development, and management, making him a valuable asset to the company's executive team. With over 15 years of experience in the software industry, Gorimir has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to translate market trends and customer insights into strategic product initiatives. His strong analytical skills and deep understanding of business analytics have led to the creation of data-driven products that empower organizations to make informed decisions.

    "In the realm of automotive software, innovation isn't just a concept – it's our compass for navigating the data-driven future. I believe that every data point tells a story, and our mission is to empower organizations to become storytellers of their success through the products we create."

    Zakk Gage

    IT Manager

    Zakk is a dynamic customer oriented, process driven, and problem-solving IT Manager with 6 years of direct leadership experience accompanied by 14 years technical experience. He is known for effectively leading efforts for reducing operational cost, building collaborative teams, implementing small-to-enterprise scale technology, and improving customer relations culture. He believes that technology is meant to be reliable, scalable, and make every customer’s life easier and is dedicated to fulfilling this in all endeavors.

    “At Dealer360, we are devoted to designing, implementing, and maintaining comprehensive IT solutions that propel businesses forward into their next evolution. We leverage our technical expertise, data analysis, and industry best practices alongside effective requirements gathering to ensure our customers are competitive and innovative in their marketplace and line of business.”

    Drake Stachler

    Project Manager

    With over 10 years of enterprise software development experience, Drake has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, managing complex initiatives and successfully delivering projects on schedule and on budget. Drake’s years of development experience and collaborating with stakeholders combine to bring out his passion for project management and bringing business strategies to life.

    “At Dealer360, we put our clients first. We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients, their needs, and their data. We work closely with them to streamline their processes and provide accurate, actionable insights to help drive their businesses into the future.”

    Sean Cacace

    Technical Team Lead

    As a dedicated Software Technical Team Lead at Dealer360, Sean brings over a decade of experience in creating software within the automotive domain. His commitment to clean, maintainable code reflects not just a technical standard but also a personal belief in doing things the right way. Sean has always been passionate about leveraging technology to solve complex problems. Outside of work, he enjoys the wonderful outdoors that Colorado has to offer.

    “At Dealer360, we are not just ticking boxes. We are all about creating top-quality products and putting our customers front and center. For us, cutting-edge solutions and quality work are one and the same; you cannot achieve one without the other.”

    Natalia Arnesen

    Corporate Controller

    Natalia is committed to fiscal sustainability, best business practices, and overall systems improvement. She is a relentless bottom-line driver with a career history of exceeding business goals by uncovering opportunities that drive aggressive growth, maximize operations, and attain a balanced and profitable fiscal performance.

    “Partnering with Dealer360 means bridging the gap between financial acumen and technological innovation. We simplify the complex, elevate the standard, enhance accuracy, and provide real-time insights that empower businesses to make informed decisions with confidence. From a financial perspective, we want to assure you that our commitment to excellence extends beyond the realm of code. Just as we meticulously develop software solutions, we carefully manage our financial strategies to ensure the resources are in place for consistent innovation, timely deliveries, and exceptional support.”

    Robert Tabangay

    VOIP Manager

    Robert brings over 20 years of invaluable Managed Service Provider (MSP) experience with a strong focus on customer service and relationship building. He is dedicated to ensuring exceptional support for our clients. Robert’s extensive background in the IT industry makes him a trusted resource for resolving technical challenges and fostering positive connections.

    “At Dealer360, putting customers first is more than a philosophy, it’s our commitment to crafting experiences that resonate and relationships that endure”.

    Erik Vigil

    Sales and Marketing Manager

    Erik Vigil is an accomplished automotive sales, marketing, and technology executive with 18 years of strategic expertise. A driving force behind numerous successful start-ups, leveraging exceptional tech innovation to fuel exponential growth and customer retention. Known for delivering tangible results through a passionate commitment to revolutionizing the automobile landscape.

    “At Dealer360, our success is intrinsically linked to the success of our dealers. We are unwavering in our commitment to offering the finest technology solutions that empower our dealerships to excel and prosper in the ever-changing automotive market.”

    Katelyn Reyes

    Implementation Manager

    Katelyn successfully guides our clients through even the most complex implementations with an insightful, high-energy approach. Her dedication shines brightest when advocating for our people, for our products and for our clients. Katelyn's ability to bring the diverse talents of our team members together drives the immediate and long-term satisfaction of our customers.

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