These support policies apply to your use of any of Dealer360’s applications. We may find it necessary to update these policies periodically, but any updates will be posted here on the website.


At Dealer360’s discretion, the following may be provided: functionality, maintenance, security fixes, critical patches, and documentation. Dealer360 is not under any obligation to implement any new functionality or enhancements. If updates are offered, they will automatically supersede any previous versions of the application.

Dealer360 will attempt to schedule system updates during non-business hours to minimize impact to our users. When possible, Dealer360 will provide notice of any service updates causing application downtime.


Dealer360’s customer service philosophy is to provide rapid response to all service requests. Service requests can be logged 24/7 via phone, web, or email. Requesters may track the status of their service requests online. Response times for service requests are the same regardless of how they were filed. Resolutions may consist of bug fix(es), software workaround, or other reasonable solution determined by Dealer360. Dealer360 will try to meet the target response times listed in the table below.


Priority Target Response Times
Critical 0-2 business hours
High Within 4 business hours
Normal Within 24 business hours
Medium Within 72 business hours
Low > 3 days


Severity Definition
Critical Critical severity issues are ones that halt business operations and no workaround exists. Customers must have a resource available to work with Dealer360 on resolving issues.

  • Application is down or unavailable.
  • A critical documented feature is not available.
  • Data is corrupted or lost and must be restored from backup.
High High severity issues are ones where functionality is impacted and/or significant performance degradation is experienced. The situation is impeding multiple aspects of client’s business operations and no reasonable workaround exists.

  • Important feature of the application is not available and no acceptable workaround can be found.
  • Performance is degraded to the point where application usage is severely impacted.
Normal Normal severity issues are ones where some functionality is impacted and/or some performance degradation is experienced. There is a non-critical impact to the client’s business operations. Workaround is available, but not preferred.
Medium Medium severity issues are ones where minor functionality is impacted and/or limited performance degradation is experienced. There is a minor impact to client’s business operations and workaround is available.
Low Low severity issues are issues such as bugs impacting small number of users with an acceptable workaround available. The client’s business operations are minimally impacted. Inquiries on application configuration and capabilities fall into this level.


The Dealer360 support team will evaluate and adjust the severity level of a support request based on the level of impact on a client’s operations and level of resolution by the Dealer360 team.